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Herts Valley

Response from Meds Management:

Dear Mr Cahm,

Thank you for your letter dated 21st March 2019.

Following publication of NHS England’s guidance on funding arrangements for Flash Glucose Monitors (issued 7 March 2019) there are ongoing local discussions. Nationally it is expected that starting these products will be done for the selected groups via the patient’s existing diabetes specialist with continuation by their GP.  Before prescribing can take place we need to agree how to prioritise patients for starting treatment and how education and training for patients is offered.

Progress is being made and further discussions will take place at the Hertfordshire Medicines Management Committee (HMMC) meeting on 4 April 2019. Currently, FreeStyle Libre® is not advised for prescribing in primary care; we will continue to follow existing HMMC guidance, where FreeStyle Libre® is recommended for restricted use as an option in specific groups of patients with supplies coming from hospitals only. The local recommendation documents are available at:

Updates on this guidance are expected in April/May 2019 and will be circulated to GPs and via our website, which you can access at the following link:

I hope that this helps.


Further to this, I asked when the meeting was and the outcome:

Thank you for your further email dated 12 April 2019.

Following the HMMC meeting held on 4 April 2019, we await final approval of the funding decision for FreeStyle Libre®. In line with accepted governance processes for local prescribing decisions, revised guidance will require ratification by two local committees. We also need to agree how to prioritise patients for starting treatment and how education and training for patients is offered. Herts Valleys CCG intend to finalise this process as a priority, and although we cannot give you a specific date, we aim to complete this within the first quarter of 2019-20.

As you are aware, in the interim we are following our existing guidance and funding arrangements, available on the Herts Valleys CCG website at As such, primary care prescribing is not recommended; FreeStyle Libre® is to be initiated, managed and supplied by a hospital Trust consultant led specialist diabetes team only.

I hope this helps, but should you require further information please do get in touch.

Update 2 - 24/05 (end of June? Why?)

I appreciate your concerns regarding the availability of FreeStyle Libre® and a decision from Herts Valleys CCG on the implementation of NHS England’s funding recommendations. Following publication of NHS England’s guidance (issued 7 March 2019), Herts Valleys CCG are urgently reviewing and updating their current guidance in light of the national arrangements. Herts Valleys CCG intends to complete this process as a priority, by the end of June 2019.

Our current guidance and funding arrangements in line with the East of England Priorities Advisory Committee (PAC) remain in place and are available on the Herts Valleys CCG website.
I can confirm that once a ratified decision has been reached in relation to the new guidance, this will be published on our website and will inform GPs and patients alike on the process to follow in assessing new patients’ eligibility for prescribing.


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