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Libre May Update

I often see questions about supply and get asked for updates.  I try and keep in touch with retailers to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved and people get the full picture.  Here's the current 'state of play'.  I've taken my March update and updated it, as much of the information is still relevant. Getting it on Prescription Firstly, the prescribing of Libre.  Wales have said yes, most other areas have said perhaps.  This map shows the current status by CCG:  Diabetes UK Joint Policy Tracker .  There are improvements, but this demonstrates the postcode lottery. The data on prescribing rates are published but this data is woefully slow to become in the public domain. Here's the data so far: There are CCGs like Manchester and many London CCGs that have now approved prescribing, but it's slow and notable CCGs have rejected funding, for example Birmingham & Solihull (BSol CCG).  Myself and others are working to overturn the negative decis