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Rant Time!

Excuse me while I have a rant. As many of you know, I am quite a mild-mannered, quiet person who does not get easily riled. Well, I forgot to mention an incident a couple of weeks ago that really 'got my goat'! It was to do with Josh's eyes. We finally lost patience waiting for an appointment to have tests on Josh's sight, so Claire went to our GP and explained the situation. He said the situation was unacceptable and immediately got on the phone and got us an appointment next day. We went to the appointment the next day. Although the staff were mostly friendly, it was the worst appointment we had ever been to. Josh sat on Claire's need and they attached some electrodes to his head, which he absolutely hated. They flashed some lights at him. Went away for a chat, then put some more electrodes on and flashed some more lights. They then said that was all and bade us farewell, saying they would write to the eye person at our local hospital. At that point I sa

High Days and Holidays

After a long break from blogging, guess it is time to resume once more. It has been a busy few weeks. Highlight was last week's holiday in the New Forest. For those of you that don't know, the New Forest is located to the South West of Southampton. It is a beautiful area of unspoilt rolling countryside with extensive woodland and rights of ways. Animals including cattle and ponies roam wild and make it seem like a different world. It is definitely picturesque, but the volume of traffic that passes through the narrow lanes and small towns of the relatively small area make it difficult to get around. I hate to think what it would be like in the school holidays. Anyway, we hired a cottage for a week. It was a Friday to Friday let, so we actually got the best of the early summer weather. The cottage was in a great location with lovely countryside views. This was the view from our bedroom: The village that we stayed in was called Emery Down, just outside the town of Lyndhu


Again I have been lax about blogging. It hasn't been that I haven't had interesting things to describe, it is pure laziness. In fact Claire has just switched on the 3rd episode of series 1 of 24, so I want to watch that, so will write more later. I am on holiday in the New Forest for a week, on Friday so will write when I get back.

Krissy and Phil's Wedding

There is one sure-fire way of forgetting your pains and troubles: do something memorable and truly special. Well this weekend definitely fulfilled those criteria. Not only did we leave Abby with her Grandma but also it was the wedding (finally!) of Krissy (or Kristian if you are being formal) and Phil (Phil Collins...not the real one!). Krissy started on the same day as me working at Mirror Newspapers on the first day of employment for both of us after university. We shared an office for ages, not sure how long but probably over year and I have great respect for her abilities and believe we complement each other very well. Anyway soon after we started working at the Mirror, a shy, quiet, handsome (I am told!) young man started working in the platemaking area of the factory. Now, if you went into the platemaking area, Phil would stand out: it is not an area where many under-60's used to work. Now, not being particularly apt at spotting instant attraction, I did not notice tha

Diabetes Progress

So I have been whinging and moaning about the woes of my calf pain etc., etc. I have probably therefore lost most of the audience to my blog because I am depressing them so much! Shame, but I will plough on regardless. Anyway, I have kind of forgotten to keep track of my diabetes control. This is mainly because it is so much part of the routine now, that I hardly notice it... Here is an update of my levels chart, which shows the number of times my blood glucose is within a certain range: Pretty pleased with it as my target range is between 5 & 10. The majority of the high readings were also in the early stages after my diagnosis. However, having had a kebab and chips for lunch, not sure whether I will be adding to the high reading later!


Still not eased the pain totally...thank goodness for the TENS machine...can you get addicted to electrical impulses?! I wasn't sure whether the codeine-like medicine that I take 10 of a day was doing anything. By accident I forgot to bring them to work yesterday. By 4pm my pain was at about 8.5/9 (crying point) so I guess they are doing something! I didn't fully recover and get my pain below about 5 until 9 this morning. A bit miserable that I am reliant on these tablets and that the pain is not diminishing. As I said before, I am told the pain increases before it finally fixes itself. Had a letter from the consultant confirming her diagnosis and stating how unusual my case was. Had a phonecall a few weeks ago about Josh's eyes. We said that we still believed he could see very little. They said that they would bring the appointment due at the end of the summer forward so that they could try and decide the extent of his problems and put actions in place as soon as p