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Weekend & Pain

Not written for a few days. A number of reasons for this: I thought that the readers would be really bored if I wrote a load of mindless drivel about the trivialities of my life, the pain in my calves and being rather busy at home and work. Spring seems as if it is well and truly here. I even cut our lawn on Saturday. It is a great garden, but even with a self-propelled lawnmower, it takes about an hour to cut. Also managed to dig the vegetable patch and do some general tidying. We even planted a blackberry bush. Not sure we will get fruit this year, but should get a good crop next year. Whilst digging, Abby suggested I had dug up a snake! Of course, it was an earthworm. I picked it up and showed it to her. She asked to hold it and managed not to squash it! It was great to be outside as Abby can run around getting rid of some of that pent-up energy that she seems to have in limitless supply. Saturday evening was spent at the wedding of an old school friend. It was a really excellent ev

Calves & Korma

My calves have been causing me real hassle over the last 4 days. I have had cramp in them and can't seem to shake it off. The diabetes nurse suggests it is lactic acid build up from the cycling rather than diabetes related, but I'm not sure. Ibuprofen doesn't seem to be helping either. Will see how it goes over the weekend and see my GP if necessary. Had a good evening yesterday. After working late, I bought an indian take-away on the way home. Thought I would risk my favourite, Chicken Korma. Didn't have naan bread, as that wouldn't have been sensible! I took some extra insulin (12 unit as opposed to my usual 8 or 9) and was in the low 4's two hours after the meal. It is really great to know that I can have this treat occasionally. Spoke to Severn Trent Water about the sewer issue and they suggested that it was more than 2 metres down so may not be an problem for our extension. Maybe we will get it built one day! Had a manically busy week with lots of frustrat

Glycaemic Response

I mentioned the above picture on an online forum. It shows the affect over time on glucose levels of different foodstuffs. It came courtesy of another T1 friend in South Africa (thanks!).

Not much to report

No posts for a few days? How slack of me! Reason is that things have settled down and their isn't much to report. Rather than boring you with inane rubbish I have voted for a policy of silence. Most interesting thing going on at the moment is waiting for the planning application for our extension to be considered. Shouldn't be too many problems, however the big hurdle is going to be to get consent from Severn Trent Water to build near a sewer. I previously got a copy of the plans from them, but they are inaccurate. I wrote to them asking for them to be changed and they have sent the letter back saying that I need to fill in an application form. I posted this form to them last week! It doesn't have a section covering disputes about the location of the sewer so didn't think it would suffice. We'll have to see how it goes, but I am fairly pessimistic that it is going to delay the start of our works. Didn't cycle today as I had to get various cards for peop

Appointment and Weekend

The appointment on Friday was a bit of an anticlimax. They weighed me (5kg heavier than a month ago), and took my blood pressure (130 over something or other). Apart from that it was just a chat to the doctor and the nurse. Was concerned about them testing my levels at the clinic so didn't want to be high. Unfortunately, I overdid it and managed to have a hypo (3.0) in front of the nurse! How embarassing! She gave me a bag of crisps and I had some glucose tablets and felt better. The nurse and the doctor seemed to be pleased with my levels and didn't think anything needed to change. They don't do DAFNE at this hospital, but I have been put on the waiting list for a carb counting course. I also mentioned pumps. Basically, there is no chance of getting one any time soon. I knew that would be the case, but wanted to check. I have to go back in a month, having done a blood sample to be sent off for Hba1c testing. The rest of the weekend was quite pleasant. Saturday

Logging and Blogging

Cycled to work today again, so feel good. Had a cake at lunchtime to celebrate! Chocolate eclairs seem not too bad carb-wise. Have my first check up at the hospital tomorrow. Hopefully it will go alright, but I'm not sure what they are going to do, so a little apprehensive. At least I know my levels should be alright. I think I'll carb count at lunctime to make sure my levels are alright by the time of my appointment at 2pm. Have drawn a bar graph of my levels so far. This shows the frequency that I have been at various blood sugar levels: Seems like the readings are in the right ball-park. If the do a Hba1c tomorrow, hopefully it will be good, although it may be too soon. Had a lovely note from a lady who had read my blog. It is good to see that people are reading it and not finding it too boring. She had lots of advice and experiences that I have taken on board. I am sure we will correspond again. Abby and Josh had their appointment with the doctor yesterday and they both