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August Libre Update - Data, data and more data!

This month's update will be dealt with in two parts, both focusing on data; the first part summarising some data about the prescribing policies across England, the second my usual update on prescriptions fulfilled across the UK. Libre Prescribing Policies and Implementation in England There didn't seem to be an easy way to compile this.  I used the Diabetes UK Map  to link to the policies and then I cross-checked this with a Google search to see whether there was any more information.  I had to do this line by line for each of the 195 CCGs in England - quite a lengthy and tedious process.  However, I am pleased with the information arising from the data. Firstly, the headline figures - how many CCGs were funding Libre, how many had denied funding and who were still undecided?  There are differences of opinion about these figures as some CCGs have not been clear (Staffordshire CCGs), and some have agreed to fund, but are yet to actually fund due to implementation difficulti

Libre Policy Links

The England CCG Policies - as at 15/10/18 (and in the public domain!) RMOC Guidance BaNES and Wiltshire Barnet and North London Barnsley Bradford, Calderdale, Greater Huddersfield, North Kirklees, Wakefield  (new November '18) Brighton, Hove & High Weald Bristol Birmingham/Solihull and Sandwell Cambridge & Peterborough Canterbury and Coastal Coastal West Sussex Dorset Dudley East Berkshire East Cheshire, South Cheshire, Vale Royal East of England  (now superseded) East of England Adult September 2018 East of England Child September 2018 East Riding & Hull Erewash, Hardwick, North and South Derbyshire North and East Lincs APC Extract from mins Lancashire (Blackburn, Blackpool, Chorley, E Lancs, Preston, Morecambe Bay, W Lancs, Fylde) Lincolnshire (4 CCGs) Hackney Hambleton, Richmond and Whitby Harrogate Havering Herefordshire Kernow Leeds - minutes with mention of Libre Leeds Policy Leicestershire  (now superseded) Leicester  (released