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Krissy and Phil's Wedding

There is one sure-fire way of forgetting your pains and troubles: do something memorable and truly special. Well this weekend definitely fulfilled those criteria. Not only did we leave Abby with her Grandma but also it was the wedding (finally!) of Krissy (or Kristian if you are being formal) and Phil (Phil Collins...not the real one!). Krissy started on the same day as me working at Mirror Newspapers on the first day of employment for both of us after university. We shared an office for ages, not sure how long but probably over year and I have great respect for her abilities and believe we complement each other very well. Anyway soon after we started working at the Mirror, a shy, quiet, handsome (I am told!) young man started working in the platemaking area of the factory. Now, if you went into the platemaking area, Phil would stand out: it is not an area where many under-60's used to work. Now, not being particularly apt at spotting instant attraction, I did not notice that Krissy had eyes for this certain young man. However, the romance blossomed and they finally got married this weekend (after courting for about 7 years, if my estmate is correct).

Well everything about the wedding was fantastic. Krissy looked absolutely wonderful and Phil looked really handsome (so my wife tells me...he's married now dear!). Here is a picture of them at the church:
The sun came out just in time and made it a glorious day. This was helped by the glorious setting: the church was in a tiny Cheshire village called Pott Shrigley. Here is a picture of the setting:
The vicar also gave an excellent surmon linking the flat-packed nature of Ikea products to the construction of a happy and lasting marriage. As I said, we left Abby at home, but we brought Josh along as Claire is still feeding him. He was really well behaved and looked rather dapper in his posh shirt:
After the service, there was quite a long drive to the reception venue, but it was worth it. The reception was held at Peover (pronounced Peever, I was corrected by a local!) Golf Club. The clubhouse was simple and modern but Krissy (and her parents) had excelled themselves in specifying the table arrangements and the topiary and hanging baskets that adorned the venue:
The food at the reception was exceptional and didn't have too many carbs, so I was able to eat loads and still be OK. The speeches were good too. At so many of these weddings the speeches go on and on about people that you have no knowledge of and anecdotes that are just not interesting. However, these were different. The speeches were humerous, terse and understandable to all. Phil's was especially good and showed very well quite how besotted he is with Krissy. The reception was also good as I met some old colleagues and friends. It was particularly great to meet back up with my first boss. Claire also looked lovely at the wedding as is proved by this picture:

Because the wedding was quite a way from home, we booked into the Cottons Hotel (near Knutsford) for that night. As Josh was tired, we decided to get a taxi back to the hotel reasonably early. Luckily he slept well and we woke up refreshed on Sunday morning. We then had the best breakfast I have had at a hotel. It was a buffet, with many choices and perfectly cooked fried food. I had plenty, but didn't overdo it. Afterwards we retired to the hotel spa. Again this was exceptional, with a good sized pool, whirlpool bath, sauna, steam room, gym (not likely!) and a good area for sitting and relaxing. Josh definitely got into the spirit of it!

After a swim and a relax we returned home to Abby and my Mum. It was great to see them, particularly Abby who we miss dreadfully if we are away from her. She still astounds us regularly. Mum had bought her a 35 piece jigsaw, which she can now do on her own and did 90% at the first attempt. Not bad for two and a half.

Bank Holiday today, but I am working and taking tomorrow off. It is my birthday tomorrow, so it will be nice to spend it at home. I am going to toddler group in the morning, probably go to a pub for lunch and then go to a farm park to see the lambs in the afternoon. I have realised that the most enjoyable times I can have are with the children and making them happy, hence the visit to Thomas the Tank Engine at the Severn Valley Railway next weekend. Pictures will be on next week's blog I am sure.

Took an extra dose of Pregabalin last night by accident...oops! Been virtually pain free overnight and today, but suppose I better get back onto the prescribed dose today.

Right, better actually get some work done. Been nice talking to you...!


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